Analysis Of The Story ' Soldier 's Home '

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In the story, “Soldier’s Home” Krebs home is in a small town in Oklahoma. He goes through a process of choice. The draft for WWI included Krebs who was attending Methodist college in Kansas than. Krebs had spent two years in warfare in Germany. His experiences in the war have changed Krebs in different ways. Krebs comes home from the war and finds himself alienated from his friends and family. This transition for Krebs endures is a tough process and feels disconnected from his family and friends. For me, my hometown is Ali Chuckson or Little Tucson, on the Tohono O’odham Nation in Arizona. I also go through a process of choice, when I was getting bullied my first year of high school. I chose to leave my hometown, to go to a boarding school…show more content…
For the second year and third year, my friends, then have changed and I have changed. Some I lost touch with, and others still remain friends. Also, throughout the years I had made new friends from school. In my family, they were always happy to see me and hear the stories from my school and different activities I did in school like sports, clubs, and trips. Over the next two years, my stories and my family’s reaction seemed the same. I found myself lying to my family to make up a good story for everyone to listen. Along with stories I’ve told I had to lie to hide the truth. At the same time, I noticed nothing at home had changed just the older people got including myself. According to Krebs’s in the story, he analyzes the young women in his hometown. Krebs’s attraction to them is effective, but does not engage with them due to their complication, “They were too complicated” (Meyer 167). Krebs’s says, also, “he would have liked to have a girl but he did not want to spend a long time getting her” (Meyer 167). Along with Krebs’s experiences in warfare, he grasped the concept of not relying anyone but himself, including no wife or companion. During his time in Germany, Krebs did like the girls better due to the lack of communication. I suppose that is the kind of relationship Krebs would like for the rest of his life. The following month of relaxation at home Krebs’s mother comes into his room to discuss his future. She

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