Analysis Of The Story ' Sonny 's Blues '

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Understanding Sonny’s Blues
The story, "Sonny’s Blues," is a composition of themes, imagery, form and mood all blended in perfect harmony. Such creation gave the story its beautiful resonating effect and influence amongst the readers. With a rising and roaring apex, the story was an unfolding of human emotions and realities filled with pain, sorrows, happiness, realizations, and life lessons. Although the story was written in 1957, even until the present, people can still observe its lingering powerful message and vital influence about social and personal life cycles (Duncan 1). The story was about two African American brothers who were trying to survive the harsh reality of the world. Aside from their concerns and problems about their own
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By utilizing his main subjects as the focal point for the whole story, he enabled his subjects to become the centerfold which directly created and formed the entire flow of the story. The story, "Sonny Blues," was a musical story wherein musical scores and terms had double meanings (Duncan 1). It was a symphonic musical story that would enable the readers to learn the movements of communication, understanding other people, caring and loving others. Words like "hear" or "listen" (Shannon 174) became the innermost concepts of the story as it revealed its narrative form. Thus, this research paper is all about the two brothers and how their lives became intertwined with music. This is a story about communication particularly during the time wherein music became the way for the older brother to understand Sonny 's sorrow, sadness and depression. These are the things that Sonny wanted his brother to hear and listen to. It was a story of connection which was all about Sonny 's blues and how such special event changed both of their lives altogether.
As the narrator felt that he fully understood his brother, he was able to feel a sense of relief. He also noticed that he became more understanding and kinder to others. This event implied that the older brother learned how to accept reality and moved on with the story of human emotions, sorrows, pain and anger to the world. The older brother saw how this circus of emotions swarmed and haunted Sonny. He knew exactly
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