Analysis Of The Story ' Stupid Mexican ! '

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“Stupid Mexican!” She muttered as I accidently brushed her arm. I stopped and looked back she was beautiful. Her golden blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and a sun kissed complexion hid her ignorance well. I went into the bathroom and starred at the reflection in the mirror. The almond shaped eyes stared back at the girl before them. Her skin was fair and her curly brown hair over whelmed the mirror. As I starred I my self the words resonated, “Stupid Mexican!” I was confused. I am Cuban and Salvadorian; I realized I didn’t know what either meant. My mother told me that her father was a Spanish Businessman who was traveling through El Salvador and met her mother, a native to the country that had never stepped foot outside the small town she was born in. She said that my father was Cuban. She would show me pictures of him and his parents his mother as dark as the night. Her hair too over whelmed her photos. His father was fair in completion. Even through the black and white photo his blue eyes pierced my soul like those of that beautiful women. And there stood my father between his parent’s fair skin, nappy hair, and almond shaped eyes. His smile revolted me all I saw was the man who left his five-year-old daughter for another life. A man who left me, his daughter, wondering who I was and were I came from.
Now at twenty-five, I still wonder. Who was my father’s family? From what my mother told me his father two was Spanish that owned property in Cuba. His mother was

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