Analysis Of The Story ' Sunday On The Park '

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Similar to how a postcard would depict a perfect family enjoying an evening at a park, so does Bel Kaufman, depict a seemingly well-adjusted family in her short story entitled “Sunday in the Park.” The story is a near perfect representation of a family spending quality time together in an idyllic location, as each family member tries to relax on a Sunday. As the day slowly progresses, the setting of the park gradually reflects the true imbalance of the family unit, showing week family bonds. Due to lack of cohesiveness of the characters, which is seen through their inability to communicate effectively with one another, the characters expose themselves as being truly disconnected people. This problem is further depicted through the introduction of a stimulus in the form of a bully, who pushes the family away from their comfort zone of logic, into an uncomfortable place of emotion and physical action. Kaufman plainly expresses that using logic as a means to maintain strong family bonds is utterly outweighed by a family who continues to communicate on an emotional level.
Through the use of an idyllic setting such as a park, Kauffman is able to magnify flaws within the family, which ordinarily would not be seen. Kauffman uses aspects of setting and words to draw in feelings of sadness and emotional disconnect within the family:
“It was still in the late-afternoon sun, and the city noises came muffled through the trees in the park. She put her book down on the bench, removed…
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