Analysis Of The Story ' The Kim ' Family '

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Moral of the story The Kim’s family story about their Thanksgiving trip during winter weather was truly tragic. They made a decision to take a road trip under harsh weather conditions with limited amount of food and gas. They missed their exit, and decided to take an unknown, dangerous route where they got stuck for nine days. In my opinion, the moral of the story is to plan and prepare for a road trip especially under inclement weather. It’s essential to carry an emergency kit, extra food, water, and clothing in case one gets stuck due to poor road conditions. Prior to starting a road trip, it’s important to know about the weather conditions and travel advisories on the area. Family members should know the route of the planned trip. The vehicle must have a full tank of gas, and be in good mechanical condition to withstand a road trip under harsh weather. Most importantly, we should pay attention to warning signs such as fatigue, fuel levels and bad road conditions to stop, and reconvene the trip when it’s safe to travel to our final destination.
Major negative issues that hindered their survival The Kim’s family survival was impacted by many adverse actions. First, James drove the entire trip. He was probably tired which most likely increased his driving risk on winter weather. He kept driving at night and missed the exit. They didn’t turn around because they wanted to get to their hotel. Instead, they took a short cut, Bear Camp road. This path is known to be dangerous,
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