Analysis Of The Story ' The Story Of An Hour ' And Carpathia '

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Reflections of Two Short Stories: “The Story of an Hour” and “Carpathia” Being in a relationship is like being in a roller coaster, sometimes you enjoy the ride, sometimes you don’t. Even with the passing of the years, this statement hasn’t had considerable changes. Many women see themselves trapped in relationships they are not satisfied with. While a few of them look for solutions in order to live a pleasant life, the majority resign themselves to stay in distressed affiliations. In my personal experience, it is extremely disappointing to discover that the person you thought you knew only existed in your mind. However, once you see yourself involved with someone physically and emotionally, it is hard to put an end to that relationship because you get comfortable with being miserable and also because society makes you believe that what you have is what you deserve. Throughout History, women have been permanently oppressed and treated as subordinate to men. They have been considered mentally weak and biologically inferior. The power of their opinion has been limited and in many situations ignored, being condemned to live in that condition for several years. Therefore, we can conclude that the only responsible for strengthening this characterization of women’s inferiority is our society. “The Story of an Hour” and “Carpathia” describes the lives of two women, who regardless of time and scenario, are destined to be married to men that they don’t love or simply don’t make them

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