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ENC1102 T/R 5:40PM TO 9:00PM WOLFSON CAMP ANALYSIS OF FEMALE CHARACTERS IN “THE STORY OF AN HOUR” “HILLS LIKE WHITE ELEPHANTS” AND “THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS” JUAN FELIX CASTILLO BATISTA PROFESOR JOSEPH FALLAD This essay is an attempt to describe the females’ characters between three of the most powerful short stories I ever read. My goal is to describe and compare three different women, in their different circumstances and environments. I will try to analyze all three of them, physiologically and morally, while keeping in mind their time and place in history. This three short stories have a feminist point of view, among others, but I would like to focus on this one. While I compare I will give my opinion and share my views, based on their actions and behavior. Mrs. Mallard “The Story Of An Hour” Her name was Mrs. Mallard, one of the most, if not the only character that this short story is based on. Mrs. Mallard is the protagonist and focal point in this story. A typical woman in her century. She suffers from what Chopin describes as a delicate heart conditions, which is why she cannot take news so well. In the beginning of the story, by the first paragraph we can know that Mrs. Mallard is not well. Due to her condition she have people taking care of her, not directly, but people like Richard and Josephine that knowing her condition, measure the way they bring horrible

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