Analysis Of The Strategic Plan Of City Of Geneva Based On The 50 Commitments

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The whole discussion below are the analysis of the Strategic Plan of City of Geneva based on the 50 commitments (10 Aalborg Commitments with 5 subsection for each theme).

We are committed to energize our decision-making processes through increased participatory democracy.We will therefore work to:
1.1 further develop a commonly shared long-term vision for a sustainable city or a town.
By signing the Aalborg Commitment in 2008, the City agreed to adopt a long-term approach. A shared vision of sustainable development had been promoted by City of Geneva in Objectives 1. The City of Geneva developed a shared vision of sustainable development together with the main representatives of the civil society and of its governance. A shared vision for the city is based on implementation of sustainable development in the city.
This long-term vision of sustainable development of the Geneva City been reviewed regularly. As the municipalities which signed the Aalborg Commitment, Geneva City need to prepare regular report including in the target and actions take by the city towards sustainable development of the city. Every two years, meetings with various stakeholders of the City of Geneva will be held in order to discuss the progress of the report and to determine what actions have been taken to achieve the goals of sustainable development. Geneva shall remain its position as the top three best city to live in the earth. Everyone in the city should feel the benefit of
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