Analysis Of ' The Structure ' Hamlet '

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Stability, Sanity, and Structure (Analysis of the structure in Shakespeare’s Hamlet) Structure is in our lives all around us; we see it in work lives, our home lives, in our owe bodies, and even more so in the curriculum that kids are learning at school. Structure, in all aspects, is constructed according to a plan. It gives a sense of assembly and backbone to whatever we are looking at. We see structure is in the information students are attaining at school, especially in the literary sense. Many authors are not only known for the message their work sends, but also the literary structure they present. Great literary works are often great not because the author was great, or the words were great, but because it had great structure. Structure in a piece of literature is pivotal to the success of the work. If an author can 't decide where to start and finish his ideas, what order to put them in, or what form to put his work in then he lacks structure. One great example of an author who does this is william shakespeare. Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and commonly regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. He has written quite the handful of plays including Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet. In his work of Hamlet, Shakespeare presents structure that helps the audience better understand and connect to the play. The structure presented in Shakespeare’s Hamlet include his soliloquies, the play within the play, and finally his play on words. To begin,
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