Analysis Of The Swiss Parent Company Of Fluss Washer And Dryer

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Fluss AG was established in 1947, and was the Swiss parent company of Fluss Washer and Dryer (FWD). At the time, Fluss’s biggest competitor was RiverTech, a Korean appliance company. Both companies made a strategic decision to “go green” with their entire product lines because their customers wanted energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, to save time and money, and lastly there were government incentives to “go green”. In 2004, Hans Kehrer the CEO of Fluss AG, appointed Johannes Linden as the Director of FWD; who was the former COO of Fluss’s European division. Linden was eager to drive FDW to new heights and “foster a more open, collaborative, yet aggressive culture” to be able to act fast to the changing conditions of the economy. Although Linden was known to “be open to ideas and suggestions”, he was also known to be “impatient”. When Linden “firmly believes in a course of action, he can be what I might call a smooth dictator. Very likable, very persuasive, but very determined to get where he wants to go.” Under Linden’s leadership, FWD’s organizational structure changed from a geographical structured company to a product oriented company. In 2006, Linden changed FWD’s worldwide regional structure from three regions worldwide to six regions worldwide. The worldwide regions were originally broken up into Asia, the Americas, and Europe; but Linden wanted six regions worldwide; mature and developing Asian countries, Europe, Africa, and the Americas were

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