Analysis Of The Syrian Family

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permanent, solid, connected to the religious aspect. Therefore, after I got married in the small village in Syria, I could not remember staying for more than a week without visiting my parents or relatives; my wife and I agreed at the beginning of our marriage to make Friday, which is a day off in my hometown, to be to visit my parents, Mr. Atta said. After that, school and work. The client realized the early days of the Syrian educational process at that time, when schools lacked modern means of education such as computers or smart blackboards. However, for him the school was the third place he spent most of the time in addition to home and neighborhood. That led him to achieve enjoy, interest, knowledge, and social interaction. The…show more content…
In addition, the social worker noted that the client has other undisclosed capabilities such as the ability to manage time and punctuality, as well as having a strong faith side where he protects himself from anxiety and stress by strengthening the spiritual side through prayer and reading the Holy Quran. As for support and care, he often goes to community centers such as the Islamic Center or rarely to the Church. After all, the client's strengths still need to be strong in the English language, which is the client's most important weaknesses, so that this strength, challenges and capabilities fit into the client communicate and benefit of the institutional resources. As the weakness of English is still one of the obstacles that prevent the client from making use of available resources such as working in the American organizations. Formulation Biopsychosocial According to Santrock (2007) that the biopsychosocial model is a comprehensive opinion that qualities illness results to the intricate, variable interaction of biological factors such as genetic and biochemical; psychological factors like the mood, personality, and behavior; social factors as cultural, familial, socioeconomic. Thus, practitioner found that the biopsychosocial of the client material contains many issues. Mr. Atta, biologically, has health problems resulting from trauma. These problems have negative effects on the client in terms of health where the
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