Analysis Of The Text Box, And So It Begins '

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Callie held her mobile phone over the Save the Date card and tapped the circle icon. The phone made its happy shutter sound, capturing the image. Typing in the text box, 'And so it begins… ' and hit send. It had been over two years since the engagement was announced which meant she had been living in London just over a year and a half. Her life now, away from the source of her once constant heartache has changed completely. No longer was she living the half life she had back in the states. Now, she felt as if she had been reborn. Except she was not different than she had been, she was herself, but, more. More curious, more adventurous, more alive. That fact had everything to do with the person to whom she sent that text. Had she…show more content…
Face to face would be the challenge. The Save The Date card had provided a countdown to that challenge. It’s not that she didn’t know it was coming, she was the maid of honor after all, but having concrete or in this case card stock, evidence, was a whole lot of reality to digest. 45 minutes after sending the message to Tom, her phone’s alert went off letting her know she had a text. Tom: Are u ok Callie: Yeah Tom:U don 't sound ok Callie: It’s a text, I don’t sound like anything. Tom’s personalized ringtone went off on her mobile, and Callie laughed. “Hello.” “How are you really?” He asked. “I don’t know,” she sighed, “It hasn’t really hit me yet.” “But you’re OK right now?” “I am.” “Are you free tonight, shall I bring wine?” “That would be great. I’ll make dinner. What time” “Well, I”m stuck in this meeting for a while longer. I swear they just like hearing themselves talk.” “What a waste when they could be listening to you talk.” “And why would they do that? I have absolutely nothing to add.” “Then why are you there” “I. Don’t. Know!” Callie laughed. “Poor, Tom. I’m sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I love to listen to you talk.” “You do?” “I do.” “Well then, it does. So tell me, what is it you like about my voice.” “Are you so desperate for compliments? Go back to your incredibly dull meeting.” Tom whimpered, “So cruel.” “Cruel Callie. That’s me.” “We should change your name to Anaxarete.”
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