Analysis Of The Text ' Home Alone Together '

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1. Explain what ”Living Apart Together” is, and give an outline of the different views presented in texts 2 and 3.
Some couples are choosing to live apart while staying in a relationship and thus avoiding many of the complications seen in a regular relationship. However, while eliminating many problematic factors this way of living does not only cost more money. Having your own place to retreat to when things get heated might leave you worse off at problemsolving thus erase many opportunities to strengthen the relationship.
Whether it seems smart to or not, fact is that this tendency has grown, so much that it is now increasingly used to classify relationships worldwide. So as a growing trend which questions our view on what a modern relationship is, is it only natural that there is many different opinions on the matter. In the text “Home Alone Together” by Jill Brooke the author tries to shed some light on this way of living. The reason is explained to be that the couples are committed to share their lives, but only to a certain degree (LL. 5-6).
The article also explains the older crowd benefiting by this lifestyle because complicated inheritance difficulties are not so much of an issue.
Living apart together is also seen an opportunity to give the relationship a second chance often after marriage and especially if there is children involved. Blended families might experience lots of problems when moving together and thus choosing to live apart together (LL. 25-26).
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