Analysis Of The Text ' Lady Audley 's Secret '

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In the text “Lady Audley’s secret (1862)”, written by M. E. Braddon, there are many literary devices that came together to create a unique experience for the reader. The sentences in this text are purposely disconnected into eight lines. When reading a text that has sentences that are connected and flow fluently, it can be heard to determine key ideas. The text breaks up sentences so that key ideas are easily highlighted and specific words are emphasized. Within the eight lines, the author uses a unique sequence of events. The author begins the text by mentioning Talboys, and what he had done to Lady Audley. However, the author refrains from immediately saying who Talboys was in relation to her. Next the author explained,
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In this line of the text the author also uses the word “thud”. The word thud is an onomatopoeia, meaning it is spelled the way it sounds as its action is taking place. This enhanced the ability to imagine the sound of the fall. Another instance where imagery is used is when the author uses detailed adjectives to illustrate the size and appearance of the well.
Throughout the text the author uses the “mouth of the well” and the “cry” of Talboys as defining aspects of his death. Both are presented in multiple places in the text. Braddon used the mouth of the well in the fifth line when Audley initially attacked Talboys and in the eighth line when Talboys was confirmed to be dead. The cry of Talboys was used in the fifth and the seventh lines of the text. Both the mouth of the well and the cry mark the beginning of Talboys attack and the confirmation of his death. The one cry by Talboys also confirmed that his death happened instantly.
Characterization plays a major role in the impact of the text. The main character Audley is depicted as an evil woman who killed her first husband without remorse and who threatens her new husband. Audley threatens her husband by explaining to him what she has done to ex-husband, who happened the treated her as he is now treating her. In other words she implied that he can possibly end up like her ex-husband, if he does not change the way he
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