Analysis Of The Text ' On Liberty ' By John Stuart Mill

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Regarding Mill’s argument “If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind,” the justification for this statement is to present his ideology on the subject of free speech. According the text ‘On Liberty’ by John Stuart Mill, his position with respect to free speech is that even one person had a specific opinion, mankind is not given grounds to silence him. Mill’s argument regarding free speech is valid because he protects the liberty of the individual over the popular opinion of society. I agree with Mill’s point of view because I also believe that everyone should have the voice to express what they wish,…show more content…
Free speech is a right to be practiced by a conscious human as Mill says. He writes that human liberty has three main types of classifications: the domain of consciousness, liberty of tastes and pursuits, and the freedom to unite for the purpose of not causing harm to others. As a result, I agree that the harm principle must the only objection that should limit to this notion, as a more utilitarian society is what is more favoured for maximum pleasure. It is evident that Mill realizes that a person, we have our own independent autonomy, which he acknowledges throughout the text.

Mill believes in the protection of freedom of speech, action and association, which indicates how the society should not prevail over the individual for its own good. However, when regarding utility, he points out, if the society is also benefited, that it is the preferred mode, but I think it is important to identify how he says that if their opinion is not causing harm, then the society is not negatively affected. Although I agree with this theory, I however, am critical to Mill’s vagueness over what “harm” is. Harm can be defined in multiple different altitudes and degrees, and therefore it is difficult to precisely determine it definitely. Nevertheless, this limitation of free speech in Mill’s essay is what concluded on my agreement to his argument.

Mill suggests his argument of liberty is based on what is best for humanity in the most utilitarian

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