Analysis Of The Text On The Road By Jack Kerouac And ' Cold Blood '

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In the the text On the Road by Jack Kerouac and In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, the main characters Sal and Perry go through many events that bring them to tragic moments that they regret and weren 't intentional. Sal living in the Beat Generation wants to move away from his conservative aunt and become someone else in the sense that he fantasizes. And in this journey he encounters Dean a mad man who urges to continue living a wild life with no control and travel with no destination, exactly what Sal needed to add some spark to his life. He too becomes a mad man, but he only follows him in order to find his true identity, and in the end he is back where he started. Upset with the failure of him not being the wild type, Dean’s influence brought him to his failure by having him around Sal loses control of his will. Perry however committed a more serious failure not intended, by killing an entire family in which they lived happily. Sal and Perry have influence by their "friends", someone that they once admired and later coming in realization that it was wrong because by they an unsatisfactory result of being in the same place as before. In this case Sal at the end still hasn’t discovered his identity and Perry having a mental illness and the pressure of Dick to rob a house, Perry commits a murder of four people with no intention at all. The authors and protagonist similarities being childhood memories and the importance of family demonstrates their connection, the motives…

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