Analysis Of ' The Thinker '

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I have selected the fifth part which is called "The Thinker". From this part, I have selected two clips that I will be observing and analysing. The first clip I am observing is about Iyeki who is around about the age of 6 months and this took place in the mall with his father. The second clip I am observing is about Taffy who is around about the age of 1 year and she is in her room, placed in her cot.
As mentioned before Iyeki is 6 months of age. Him and his dad are in the mall, Iyeki is in a pushchair. When Iyeki 's father approaches the bench, he lets Iyeki out of his pushchair and places him on the floor. As the mall is empty, he starts to crawl around. Iyeki starts to crawl away from the dad while he sits on the bench and reads his newspaper. Iyeki crawls further away from his dad, once he reaches a point, he turns around and looks at his dad. Further and further Iyeki crawls in every direction, he sits and looks back at his father. Iyeki shouts at "Da Da!" and crawls closer to him. Once Iyeki is closer to his father, he then stops, sits and looks at his father. He then crawls faster towards his dad but instead he crawls past the bench and sits on the floor for a while. Iyeki then turns right and crawls past his dad. Iyeki then crawls to the point where he is opposite his dad and as he gets closer to his dad he starts crying and tries to get up on the bench. His dad then helps him by placing him on all fours again and he starts to crawl away from his dad.…
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