Analysis Of ' The Thousand And One Nights '

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Sessy Hernandez
WLIT 1113
Theme of Women with Power in The Thousand and One Nights The Thousands and One Nights is a book written by many authors. The teachings of the many tales in this selection are presented for one specific reason, that women can hold a specific amount of power over men. Women and Power are two major themes in this reading. A woman named Shahrazad takes the position of a storyteller and an entertainer through out the whole ancient tale. By obtaining these talents Shahrazad not only manages to save her life along with many other innocent women, but also changes a very powerful kings depiction on how women are. The ancient tale starts off with a king named Shahrayar. Shahrayar catches his brothers’ wife being unfaithful to him. He then later discovers that his wife as well has been disloyal to the king himself. After finding out that his wife was unfaithful to him with a slave, he has his wife executed. Shahrayar goes through a murderous grief after all this deceit from his wife. Shahrayar then decides to marry numerous amounts of innocent virgins and execute them the day after he has been intimate with them. Soon after a young woman named Shahrazad, the daughter of the kings vizier, decides she wants to put a stop to the kings grief. She wants to stop the king from continuing to kill innocent young women for what the kings’ wives had done. Then Shahrayar marries Shahrazad and she begins to tell him a story. Purposely never finishing it.…

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