Analysis Of The Type Of Coffee I Will Focus More On Is Latte Art

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In this study, the type of coffee I will focus more on is latte art. Latte art begins with the base of an espresso which is made by forcing hot water through finely ground compacted coffee beans. The crema (cream) is made by the mixture of the oils of the coffee into a foamy substance. Because of the brewing process, the flavors in an espresso is more concentrated than a typical coffee. In 1884, A steam-driven "instant" coffee beverage making device made by Angelo Moriondo was registered in Turin. The device was described as presumably the first Italian bar machine that creates the supply of steam and water separately through the coffee (Bersten 1993, 105). This machine was similar in today 's version of an espresso machine, except that it…show more content…
Over the past six years, more than 40 new cafe 's and coffeehouses have opened that treat coffee as an artisanal commodity and art form. Because of the rise in the quality of coffee that these new businesses are offering to New Yorkers, established cafe 's around the city have made strides to roast their own beans (Strand 2010). One might think, "why is it a big deal that the beans will be freshly roasted?" The answer is simple: the fresher the beans, the livelier the taste. The new shops in NYC are promising to only use coffee beans that have been roasted within the past ten days to ensure its freshness, although some roasters believe two week old beans is fine to use as well. The beans are ground to order for each cup (Strand 2010) and certain coffee shops have several grinders; one for each type of coffee (espresso, decaf espresso, brewed coffee etc). The artistic presentation can influence people 's perceptions of food and the amount that they are willing to pay for it (vanDoorn et al. 2015, 306). In a previous scientific study mentioned in the piece entitled, "Latte Art Influences Both The Expected And Rated Value Of Milk-Based Coffee Drinks," it was reported that if the same ingredients for a salad were arranged in different ways (neatly tossed vs. artfully arranged to represent a Kandinsky painting) it would influence one 's expectation and experience with the

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