Analysis Of The Umar Abdullah Johnson Theory Of Black Male Alienation

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The Umar Abdullah-Johnson Theory of Black Male Alienation posits that a five-stage cycle of institutional repression exists that has effectively sent more black men to jail than it has to college. Any attempt to reverse this war against America’s most misunderstood population begins with a firm analysis of the process and its origins in boyhood. Americans, including Blacks, have become so desensitized to the pain of Black boys and so expectant of their failures that their pain is often overlooked and their achievements treated like occasional glitches in a system that has successfully made Black boys a permanent underclass in this country. “But the color of a Negro 's skin makes him easily recognizable, makes him suspect, converts him into a defenseless target” (Richard Wright, Black Boy) Mis-education often begins at birth. The average first day of life for Black children is when they become subjected to self-hatred and self-hating messages about themselves. They’re often getting messages about themselves that is directly or indirectly coming from the white culture. From the first day they are brought into this world, the mis-education and the self-hatred towards our babies starts right then and there. It starts to increase in preschool because in preschool, for those that decide to send their child to preschool, this will be the first time that the Black boy comes face to face with the School guidelines of the American social order where he is expected to preform to

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