Analysis Of ' The Virgin Suicides '

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The Virgin Suicides narrates the story of the Lisbon family and the multiple crises they face, particularly acute suicidal risk of all five daughters. The family consists of the father, Ronald, the mother, and five sisters, Cecilia, Lux, Bonnie, Mary, and Therese. The family experiences both major and minor crisis event throughout the film, ultimately ending with all five daughters completing suicide. While there were numerous individuals experiencing crisis, the neighborhood boys, the entire Lisbon family, and several other minor characters, this review will focus specifically on crisis incidents that surround the mother and two daughters, Cecilia and Lux. This analysis will utilize the Double ABC-X model.
Cecilia is the youngest of the Lisbon daughters, being only thirteen. She is slight, thin and plain. She is quirky, as evident by her wearing the same wedding style dress throughout her entire appearance in the film, as well as precocious and introverted. She is an environmentalist, as evident by her reaction to the condemning of tree in her front yard, her grief about the fact that a species of frog was added to the endangered species list, and her overall fascination with nature discussed in her diary. Cecilia appears alienated from her family, perhaps misunderstood. In regards to Cecilia’s initial crisis that led to her suicide attempt, by means of exsanguination through wrist cutting, it is unclear as to what the stressor event may have been or what her
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