Analysis Of The Voyage Of John Of Plano Carpini And William Of Rubruck

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In this story we discover the voyage of John of Plano Carpini and William of Rubruck, and how they made it to Mongolia during the central period of the thirteenth century. Both men were followers of Christendom, or god as limited individuals have been. These individuals apparently underwent different kinds of difficulties of which St. Paul spoke of, in a completely self-sacrificing dedication to the service of Christendom. During their journey both men saw various lifestyles and livelihood. Some cultural aspects appeared interesting, while others brought concern among both men. In all, they both saw wealth of interesting cultural information about the various Mongol groups as well as the lives of people they had captured from around the world. John’s, main mission was to investigate and acquire knowledge pertaining to the Mongols to see if they were as manipulating as described. He later offer recommendations as to ways to guard against them. John was reinforced by the help of the Pope for this mission. He had several new experiences which led him to meet with many individuals. John was able to encounter the Great Khan Guyuk (Dawson Pg.xix). From traveling all around it outlines the characters and customs of the Mongols. The different diets that they ate, the responsibilities of men and women, portrayals of their militaries, their past, religion, régime, outfits or clothing, accommodation, and even accurate info of the lineage of the royal family. It is combined with

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