Analysis Of The Voyage Of The Frog

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The Voyage Of The Frog
By Donaven wells by: Gary paulsen

The Voyage of the Frog starts off when the main character’s uncle gets cancer. He was always a sailor then the main character named david had learned all about sailing from him so before he died he told david his last wish was for him to take the frog, his boat, to sea until he couldn’t see land anymore and throw his ashes into the water. So he did what his uncle wanted him to do but on the way there things get a little rough. On the way there he runs into a whole ton of problems the first one he encountered is a giant storm out of nowhere, the second one is running out of food and water, the third one is exhaustion and need of medical attention. The genre of the book is fiction.
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David is slowly getting more exhausted although he does get sleep he always has to be ready for anything so he doesn’t sleep well which means he can’t put in his all. Also every day his medical conditions are getting worse and he will probably need medical care when he gets back. Although he still keeps going because he has to take care of his head and shoulder while also avoiding getting injured again from mussels being pulled so he can still do his daily task, be able to still operate the boat and do any necessary repairs needed without enduring pain to himself.

In conclusion throughout all the struggles he had dealing with the frog when he did get found he wouldn’t leave it so the people that found him gave him all the supplies he would need and he then started the journey back to his home without a worry because him and the frog were no longer two things they were one and acted as one.David no longer looked at this journey as a bad thing but a good time and a bonding experience with the frog and the sea the ocean a beautiful thing but it is also one of the most dangerous things. So in conclusion I really liked this book.

The theme of the book is although times can be difficult you have to continue and push forward and patience will have good results.

The mood of the book is exciting it kept me wanting to read more.

The tone of the book is serious because when I read it it seemed so real and like I was there with david.

The irony

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