Analysis Of ' The Walking Dead '

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The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic TV show based on a comic book series of the same name. The main character of the show, Rick Grimes, is shot while on a sheriff duty. After awakening from his coma, he discovers that the whole city has been overrun by zombies who run after people and eat them, more commonly known as ‘walkers’. However, he soon realizes that his wife and son are missing. During a hunt for supplies, he meets another group which happens to be the group his family is living with. Rick starts living with the group and soon becomes the leader of the group. The sole purpose of these handful of people left post-apocalypse is to survive and kill walkers before they eat them. Over the course of next few seasons, the group finds…show more content…
Deanna, the leader of Alexandria was tentative when allowing Rick and his group to stay in their community, but, following series of interviews of the group members, realized that Rick’s group will end up strengthening the community and therefore, allows them tenure. A few months later, Alexandria faces severe shortage of medicines and supplies. On one of the supply runs, the group meets Jesus, a member of Hilltop community, who invites the group to Hilltop for trade. After negotiations, Rick agrees to trade arms and weapons in exchange for medicines and supplies. However, a huge chunk of their supplies go to the Saviors, a group led by Negan. Rick decides to kill Negan’s men so that all the supplies of Hilltop can go to Alexandria. This, in the real world is immoral and the wrong thing to do, but due to nature of the situation and keeping in mind the shortage of food in the community, Rick thought taking such a decision is rational. So post apocalypse, it is more socially acceptable to kill people because in the end, it is all the game of survival; the norms have changed; the social construct of society has changed. As constructivism points out that people construct their own knowledge based on their experiences, we can in fact say that society is how we see it as (construct of our views) and that varies from situation to situation. Rationality changes based on that. Pre apocalypse, Rick was a sheriff and protected
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