Analysis Of The Wars, Bytimothy Findley, And William Faulkner 's Two Soldiers

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Innocences are often lost during childhood. People face maturity which cannot be learned at once, rather it s achieved through out ones life. In “The Wars” byTimothy Findley, and William Faulkner’s “Two Soldiers” the authors deliberately wants to represent the idea that maturing is continuous. In the short story “Two Soldiers” the young boy’s name is not given, and is grown in a common family. Faulkner wants anybody to relate this boy therefore the boy’s name is not shown. The two brave gentle man represents the theme by overcoming and facing maturity after their lost of innocence and maturity is faced forever in life.

In order for the characters to grow mentally and emotionally, their have to lose their innocence. Robert is a young man who feels responsible for his hydrocephalic sister, Rowena. Yet because of Roberts indiscreet behaviour, his sister dies. The author indicates to the reader that Robert has fault in this lost, “It was Robert’s fault Robert was her guardian and he was locked in his bedroom” (Findley 16). Rowena represents purity and innocence to her brother in this novel. When Robert is separates from that pristine connection, he is left confused, guilty and utterly anxious. He tries taking all the responsibility. Rowena’s passing gives Robert a wakeup call to start being a man. Similarly, the boy loss innocence after waking up to a reality. The boy’s family lives in isolated town called Jefferson. The radio from Old Man Killebrew is the only way to…
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