Analysis Of The Welcome Center Immigrant Services In Canada

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A variety of diverse groups that immigrants and refugees have been ceaselessly settling in Canada and it is expected to continue to increase in the foreseeable future. According to the report of immigrant and refugee housing committee(2017), in the province of Ontario plans to cooperate with various organizations and regions to offer the services and programs for resettlement of newcomers(IRHC meeting minutes).
The Welcome Centre Immigrant Services in Canada is located in Durham and York Regions that consisted of at several branches where are Markham, Richmond hall, Newmarket and so on. The centre is based on a comprehensive and flexible access that offer a wide range of “cross – sector services and expertise” to new settlers. The major
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However, they could obtain the schedule of events through on the website without the reservation. While people with all permanent residents and having a citizenship card are able to use any programs and resources without any barriers.
The agency usually does the divergent activities as the perspective of micro and mezzo: personal or family counseling more than macro. The Micro level of working is that the Welcome Centre gives the information such as housing, medical care, social insurance number, childcare, communities and government resources as well welfare guarantees through individual counseling. If clients are suffered on communication, they are able to require a translation and interpretation services. What is more, they could consult about legal services, mental health services and cultural problems with the professional counselors. Especially, the center provides that the specialized services for women, adolescents and senior such as Career Planning Program for Women Orientation Session (Career planning) since those groups of people take a long time to adapt in new environment compare to other ages or gender.
The Welcome Center also commits the group action as a mezzo level, such as supporting of job opportunities; researching and computer; English classes through the establishment of a workshop for the employment related services. As an illustration,
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