Analysis Of The Wellness Program

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As companies look for ways to help in lowering the cost that is spent on health care for their employees, they also are looking for ways to increase the longevity of their most skilled and knowledgeable employees, the aging workforce. Companies have identified the need for a wellness program to help in this endeavor. Companies also need a means to identify the performance and cost of this wellness program. Just as organizations have used the fundamental concepts of cost measurement and recognition to provide the past, present and future performance and cost (Crosson, and Needles, 2014). Historical programs have proven that without proper performance measurements and being properly budgeted not just a wellness program but all programs are…show more content…
Such as risk factors that focus on stress management, back care, nutrition, alcohol consumption, blood pressure, and preventive care (Baicker, Cutler, & Song, 2010). Research has proven that overweight workers will cost their employers $201 per employee, per year extra due to health problems, compared to employees with a healthy weight (Gussenhoven, Wier, Bosmans, Dekkers, & Mechelen, 2013). After the company’s wellness program has conducted their health risk assessment survey and has agreed upon the strategic and tactical objectives for the company’s wellness program, it is now time to put the program into action. Now that the program has been operating for some time it would be beneficial to evaluate the company’s wellness program. The performance of a program can be evaluated through the comparison of other like programs. A wellness program needs a set of benchmarks to help in the development of a successful program such as capture senior-level support, create a cohesive team, collect data to drive the initiative, craft an annual operating plan, choose appropriate health promotions, create a supportive environment, and evaluate outcomes (Kocakulha, & Powers 2015). Additionally, the use of benchmarking can provide a company a means to evaluate their wellness program to those which have been identified with the best practices in the
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