Analysis Of The Women's Suffrage Movement

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Women used many different methods to earn the right to vote in the Women’s Suffrage Movement.
One way Alice Paul and Lucy Burns used to gain suffrage was a parade. This parade was held on president Wilson’s inauguration. The significance of the parade was to help women get a good move so that they can prove to men that they are educated and responsible enough to have the right to vote. As the parade went on the men started to criticize what women were doing and saying. Some of the nasty selfishness comments that were said were “What do you really have under that skirt.” this is resembling that men think women are jealous of the men and want to be like them. Another hurtful comment that was yelled in front of people was a man saying “If you were my wife I would bash your head in.” This shows that men didn’t have lots of respect for their wives they viewed them a property. A second piece of evidence that Paul and Burns attempted to get the right to vote
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The NWP were nicknamed the “Silent Sentinels” because they never started anything just read WIlson’s own words about the NWP and held banners. The outcome of picketing was not to start any fighting it was just a way to stand out to people and persuade the thinking of all people. The “Silent Sentinels” stood outside the that gate seven days a week twenty-four hours a day three hundred sixty five days a year even in the snow. As the NWP progressed people started to get mad because the U.S. was at WW1 and the men and government thought that the women were criticizing the president's decision on entering the war. So one day the NWP went out as a regular day and men started to riot the NWP picketing, the police came to the site and took the NWP into custody, the jail they went to they were not able to contact and communicate with the other NWP left at
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