Analysis Of The Workhorse And Traveler Market Segment

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QUARTER 6 Quarter six began by updating each of the product lines that Team 4 features. The Workhorse and Traveler market segment both had the same changes in this quarter. Here, the team analyzed both the customer needs and best competitor product for this market segment. The change made here we added ultrafast computing power; this was one of the most important features in terms of customer needs. Next, the group altered the Innovator product; ultrafast computing power was added, as well as changing the desktop to a 21” high resolution monitor. These decisions were based of the leading competitor’s product in this market segment; the strategy implemented here was to match competitors product (which was already proven effective) to…show more content…
The features Team 4 invested in was the Touch Screen and high speed Networking. By investing in this, Team 4 was setup to be very successful in the Mercedes target, but also allowed for the other product segments to be a step above the competitors’ products. After analyzing the results from the previous quarter, it was determined that the prices set for each segment were not sufficient. Product sales priority were also not properly adjusted. With the R&D investments, sales priorities needed to be changed for the main focus to become the most profitable market segments. Prices were not competitive which in turned decreased revenue, market share, and profitability. To become more competitive we altered the prices in each market segment. The Workhorse product was the first to change, the price was lowered to $2500 in an attempt to increase sales; at this price Team 4 was still making a profit on this product, as well as making the price much more competitive. The Workhorse sales priority was also lowered to 3rd in Americas and 4th in APAC and EMEA. This product was not selling as well as we had hoped, and was no longer as profitable as it once was which led to this decision. Next, the Innovator product’s price was adjusted; this involved a price increase to $4100. This price was adjusted to include the new

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