Analysis Of ' The World Is Too Much With Us ``

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Aishah Tasneem
October 20, 2015
Muharram 7, 1437
Fareeda Abdur-Rahman
Romanticism emerged in the 18th-19th centuries (primarily in opposition to Neo-Classism) as a way to express, as Victor Hugo said, “liberalism in literature.” The Romantic way of thinking emphasized freedom from rules, and individuality. Many works of art and pieces of literature were made following this theme, among them the painting, “Raft of the Medusa” and the poem the “The World is too Much with us”.
The “Raft of the Medusa” is a painting done by Theodore Gericault in the 1800s. It is modeled after the tragedy that was the shipwreck of the French naval frigate, Méduse, and it depicts the survivors who were adrift on the raft.
The poem, “The World is too much with us” is a sonnet written by the Englishman William Wordsworth in 1802. The composition is a romantic and satirical piece criticizing the people of the “modern world” for their materialistic values and their disregarding of nature.
Both of these works are the epitome of Romanticism, as they both highlight the focal points of Romantic thought; interest in the common man, strong senses and emotions, awe of nature, celebration of the individual, and the importance of imagination.
The Romantics’ enjoy the struggle of “the common man”, and judging by the attire of the men on the “Raft of the Medusa”, they are peasants-just poor, everyday guys. These men have been subjected to this terrible fate by the actions of those more fortunate
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