Analysis Of `` The World Is Too Much With Us `` By William Wordsworth

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Analysis of “The World is Too Much with Us” by William Wordsworth The poem “The World is Too Much with Us” by William Wordsworth is, one of the best romantic era poems, and it is a prime example of the values and writing styles that are expressed in romantic era literature. One of the ways that the poem resembles other literary works of the romantic period is that one of the main themes of the poem is nature, and nature is also a theme that was very prevalent in other literary works from the romantic era. Furthermore, the poem by Wordsworth resembles other romantic literary works with the very distinctive non-formal writing style that set the romantic period apart from the previous eras. Additionally, when the entirety of the poem is examined, including the theme, style and writing elements, it is apparent that this poem is a prime example of what the romantic era literary works stood for and how they were written. William Wordsworth 's poem “The World is Too Much with Us” is a romantic era poem that was first published in 1807 and is written in Italian Sonnet form. The main theme of the poem is that people have become desensitized to nature and no longer care about it. Also in the last six lines of the poem, the sestet is used to provide a solution to the octave, which is that in order for humanity to progress spiritually they need to become more involved with nature again. Additionally, in the poem Wordsworth implies that one of the reasons why people don’t connect with
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