Analysis Of The Writing And Performance Of My Town Hall Speech

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Interpretation of Survey Results The results of this survey provide critical information for the writing and performance of my town hall speech, including both which arguments will be most effective in persuading my audience as well as the persuasive methods that will be of most use to me. Questions 1, 18, and 20 provide information about the audience’s knowledge of the current state of debt in Ohio, as well as allowing the audience the opportunity to contribute information about any debts that they have incurred. The results for each of these questions are particularly beneficial to my topic, as it pertains to debt among the millennial generation, which includes the students who participated in the survey. For example, in question 1, over half of the respondents indicated that they believed higher education would be the largest financial burden for them. This indicates that the audience is personally affected by or at least aware of the issue of rising college tuition, which leads to large student loans, the major source of debt for the millennial generation. Similarly, in question 18, sixty-three percent of respondents revealed that they will have some amount of student loans upon completing their undergraduate education. Again, this means that the audience is aware of the issue of student loan debt for the millennial generation, and it is probable that they have some kind of knowledge about the adverse effects of possessing student loan debt. Further evidence of the
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