Analysis Of The Writing Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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“An Analysis of Discrimination in Society Today and Critique of the Writing of Martin Luther King Jr., “Indian Education”, “The Catbird Seat” and “How My Country has Caught me Up”
Discrimination is an action that negates public involvement or human right to the classes of people based on prejudgment. Those who discriminate are troubled by others who are different from themselves. However, there are some people who connect with those of different races easily, and then there are others who are single-minded and want to be intolerable. In America, discrimination has been just as common now as ever before, just in more various ways. Although racism is most common, discrimination against gender, and disability, is just as common. Discrimination is still a huge problem in today 's society; over the past few years there has been more and more reports teenagers committing suicide because they are judged at school for being "different". Gender and disability discrimination are often recognized and thus frowned upon, but overall, discrimination seems to be “undetectable” to society—that is, ignored, even though its damaging effects are in plain sight. There are many people who are deemed unworthy of respect because of race, gender, and disability. I believe all humans should be treated equal, regardless of age, race, gender, social status, religion because, as in the words of Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze, “All humans in the whole word belong to the same natural genus” (39).
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