Analysis Of The Writing Style Of Octavia Butler

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Tinotenda Muchenje Dr. Shinn Sophomore Seminar 25 September 2017 First Essay Assignment Kindred By Octavia Butler The writing style of Octavia Butler is heavily influenced by her historical period and her life experiences. This is evident through investigation of her historical period, life experiences, her novel; Kindred. Butler’s writing is a unique mixture of neo- slave narratives, exaggerated tales, cultural rituals, fantasy, folklore, science fiction, and spirituality. Butler uses science fiction and fantasy as a means of exploiting racism, suffering, and the black female narrative of isolation and disconnectedness from society in many of her novels, namely, Kindred. Though her intent was not to be a science fiction…show more content…
Board of Education of Topeka (1954). This case said that segregated schools were unconstitutional and resulted in the forced integration of schools. Overall the civil rights era was an era where ideas of black power and black excellence proliferated. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Black Panthers, and Malcolm X are often seen as symbolic figures during this time. Even though black females like Ella Baker; Septima Clark; and Rosa Parks are not as recognized. Octavia Butler was born on June 22 1947 in Pasadena, California. She was the only child of Laurice and Octavia Margaret (Guy) Butler, but was raised by her mother and grandmother as a result of her father’s death during infancy. Her mother was a strict, overprotective, Baptist woman who worked tirelessly to support Octavia and her grandmother. Butler was immersed in a reality with strong female protagonists who endured extreme isolation, humiliation and misery. She watched her mother as she single handedly provided for the family and took the cruel, dehumanizing rhetoric of her white employers with a stone face. She listened to her grandmother, a slave who was forced to work in the cane fields of Louisiana, as she spoke of her past. As if their struggles were passed down through her blood, young Butler wore their mental scars like armour and spun exaggerated tales where their courage and heroism could be seen and commended. "If my mother hadn 't put up with all those

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