Analysis Of The Year 480 Ce King Leonidas Of Sparta

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In the year 480 CE King Leonidas of Sparta was faced with one of the toughest decisions in war history. He decided to take three hundred Spartan soldiers to war with him at the pass of Thermopylae. King Leonidas’ decision would mark his name in the history books, after his death statues and monuments, along with books and films were created to reflect on his heroism against the Persians. 300 is a prime example, and has been nominated for numerous awards and is a known movie for the events that took place in Thermopylae in 480 CE. Zach Snyder’s film was excellent and displayed some accurate events in history, but being based on the Battle of Thermopylae 300 did not portray Spartan life and the details of battle in a precise way. Most details about warfare, Spartan upbringing, and people involved in the war were off and not accurate to history.
Off the bat the first scene in 300 is very historically accurate. In Sparta when a baby was born it would be examined and searched for defects or any misshaped body parts and if the baby did not seem fit, it would be discarded (PK). That was displayed in the beginning of 300 when baby Leonidas was examined after birth. King Leonidas went through all evaluations and other rituals for males. At the young age of seven he went away to Agoge, which was sort of like a “Warrior-Initiation” for young men . Scenes from the film showed young boys being trained and fighting to toughen each other up. Also 300 showed boys being punished…
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