Analysis Of The Yellow Wall Paper

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper” serves as a perfect example of how women are treated in the 19th century. The distracting details both surrounding and filling the new house that the main character and her husband move into haunt her. Throughout the story, the main character, as she observes the house while in isolation, notices the true meaning in life, specifically for women. Gilman’s piece unveils the unfortunate requirements that women must meet in order to become accepted into society. The imagery and description of the house mentioned in “The Yellow Wall-paper” holds a much more symbolized sense reassuring the main character about women’s roles in life, according to humanity. Along with the other furniture in the…show more content…
Anything that comes out of the main character’s mouth regarding the desire to rearrange the house for valid purposes sounds silly to him, as he continues to treat her less than a wife, let alone a woman. To him, all that mattered was his wife to stay healthy for “[his] sake and for [their] child’s sake, as well as for [her] own” exactly in that order (Gilman, 850). The main character must focus on being the perfect wife, the perfect mother, and serve the family whenever they depended on her. Her own health and worries were her last priority. John, just like society, expects high standards for women to meet in order to belong and if they couldn’t meet those expectations, then they were not respected. Not only does the main character observe the meaning behind the wallpaper, but so does her sister-in-law. However, it does not seem to satisfy her nor change her perspective on life either. John’s sister seems to be content living the domestic life, “and hopes for no better profession”, and obeys society’s values. Jennie portrays the women from the 19th century who follow what every man would want in a lady (Gilman, 847). There was no need for a woman to be out working when that job belonged to the husband. The wife was needed at home for the children, as well as clean any mess or cook all the meals for the family, as they depended on her to do so. One attribute from the house that almost drove the main character over the edge was the nursery, especially
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