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Analysis of the Short Story "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Originally published in January 1892 issue of New England Magazine. Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" was personal to her own struggles with anxiety and depression after the birth of her daughter with her first husband and S. Weir Mitchell 's "resting cure" treatment she received. The Yellow Wallpaper describes, from the patients point of view, the fall into madness of a woman who is creatively stifled, intellectually dismissed by her doctor husband, removed from her intellectual support system, and left to feel ashamed of her lack of interest in fulfilling the expected paternalistic culture of that time period (Gilman). Taking…show more content…
Her friends are kept from her, while being told there is nothing really wrong with her in the first place. She is strictly forbidden to write which is her profession. So eventually her imaginative mind begins to turn its attention on what it can, as a type of outlet, she begins to analyze the room and the facility itself. Although impressed by the gardens she believes the estate to be quite neglected, such impressions are quickly dismissed by her husband which makes her feel angry with him. His lack of interest for her opinions on any matter brings up emotions he pushes her to control. Her new focus becomes the room itself, specifically the walls that surround her. "The furniture in this room is no worse than inharmonious, however, for we had to bring it all from downstairs. I suppose when this was used a as playroom they had to take the nursery things out, and no wonder! I never saw such ravages as the children have made here. The wallpaper as I said before is torn off in spots, and it sticketh closer than a brother- they must have perseverance as well as hatred. Then the floor is scratched and gouged and splintered, the plaster itself is dug out here or there..."(Perkins Gilman, 383). This sounds more of a room used in an asylum the claw marks from patients nails, destruction from their outbreaks. She marks about rings in the walls being something for children, but more likely utilized for restraining patients.

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