Analysis Of Things Fall Apart By Rene Dubois

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The Songs sited in each chapter of this book was put together to deliberately guide the reader’s thought process in scrutinizing the context to identify with DuBois of how these events described effected black people during this change in our history. Each example was directly associated with the subsequent chapter and solidified the arguments from DuBois’ perspective. It was very clear that the deliberate selection of the songs segments and the essays themselves; that from DuBois’ perspective, the Black People had not been given the appropriate opportunities, education and resources to be successful but rather given a freedom that was inferior to their slavery. Of The Black Belt – “They made me the keeper of the vineyards: But mine own…show more content…
As a result, the economy was at its worst because most of the laborers were Black “Freedmen” that was not provided the knowledge or ability to generate the necessary income to cover their expenses. There was a significant fall in cotton prices making profitability remotely impossible. Furthermore, the living accommodations made available were inadequate in comparison to the White population. DuBois explains that while the Black population was provided with the land, in extremities, to be able to work and generate income, they were not provided with the necessary means to be successful. The Black population was ignorant to the economic system and how it works, government functions and how it related to their livelihood and were at a disadvantage when it comes to opportunities available to them. Now that black population was free, they had a voice but didn’t know how to use it resulting in continued economic stress. The plantation owners took advantage of the black population’s ignorance employing them to continue to work at a substantially low wage. Peculiarly as it seems the amendment that set the Black race free only caused further hardship. The inability to provide food, adequate shelter, and earn reasonable wages only put them in a situation similar or worse than that of slavery. Although many slave owners were cruel to their people, there were many that treated them humanely. Is it more humane to be free and not have the ability to survive or in slavery? I think that is the underlying point in this section. In these circumstances, slavery and freedom are one in the same. The people had Freedom but mute voices, therefore they were still oppressed
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