Analysis Of ' This Is A White Man 's Government ``

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The Civil War, in term of the modern mind, was a war that divided the nation, yet was able to free the slaves. The idea that such a bloody war was able to liberate a group of oppressed was enough to justify the deaths of many Americans; yet when analyzing the lives of these so called freed people it becomes apparent that they were not freed. The ideology of the “Lost Cause” allowed for the creation of resentment towards blacks. From this hate an unholy trinity of white men with different backgrounds came united and threated to destroy the idea of a democratic America. Thomas Nast’s satirical drawing, titled “This is a White Man’s Government” displays the possible destruction of America by this unholy trinity in an effort to maintain the pre-Civil War hierarchy. The focal point of the published image is the three piled hands of the men, representing the unity that they formed in order to maintain control over a democratic America. When the viewer looks at the sketch, their eyes focus directly onto the pile of hands in the center. This gesture assures the audience of a commitment and pact established by these men. Nast is able to address the unspoken agreement between these men with the placement of their feet. Their feet give a name to their agreement as they hold hands as they stomp on a black war veteran. The placement of legs in the drawing, “This is a White Man’s Government”, continues to imply that the forces of the trinity are meant to continue the oppression of
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