Analysis Of Thomas Foster Chapter Notes

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“How to Read Literature Like a Professor” by Thomas Foster chapter notes:

Chapter 1 The Quest
• Quester – the person on the journey
• A destination traveled to
• A purpose for traveling there
• Challenges occur during the journey
• The reason for the person to go on the quest is implicit, the stated reason for traveling is never the actual reason for the journey
• Always comes down to – Self – knowledge

Chapter 2 Acts of Communion
• Emphasizes sharing and peace
• Communion scenes and passages are not always set up or established along a biblical or holy basis
• Communion situations show how well characters are getting along
• Communion allows the characters to attempt to overcome internal battles
• In these scenes the goal is to get the reader to empathize with the characters

Chapter 3 Vampirism
• People are often attracted to danger
• Vampires leave their mark and take away an individual’s innocence
• Often contrasts between young and old occur in vampire or ghost based novels
• Symbolic of people exploiting each other, denying someone else’s needs due to their own desires
• We are vampires, in one way or another we take away someone else’s force

Chapter 4 Now, Where have I Seen Her Before
• Many stories are not completely original
• Many times novels have been comprised from ideals and writings taken from other works and pieces
• Intertextuality is the connection between different pieces of…

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