Analysis Of Thomas Tip O ' Neill 's Victory Over A Formidable Challenger

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1) All Politics Is Local: The aforementioned maxim, popularized by Thomas Tip O’Neill, emphasizes the importance of satiating the diurnal minutiae of a pol’s constituency. This political precept acknowledges the incontrovertible truth manifest in the Harry Truman quote, “It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.” Adhering to this maxim necessitates a prioritization of the monotonous realm of one’s constituency, concomitantly presupposing an emphasis on “retail” politics. This political stratagem emerged by virtue of the unassailable truth that people vote with a predilection for what will ameliorate their own circumstances, political affiliation notwithstanding. The relevance of this maxim is…show more content…
Ullman’s rejoinder exacerbated the situation, as his contention that he had in fact made ten visits home ipso facto corroborated the challenger’s postulate (in the eyes of constituents) that Ullman had indeed abandoned his locale in the Great Northwest for the bureaucratic lifestyle in Washington. A longtime senator from Florida in Lawron Chiles refused to be usurped by virtue of the malfeasances committed by Ullman, unbeknownst to himself, by simply embracing the country-cut suits that are quintessential Americana in lieu of the well-tailored dark blue suits that have come to embody the prominent bureaucrats that occupy Washington. Chiles’ rhetoric gradually projected the image of an ordinary working-class American, and thus it unequivocally facilitated his Senatorial success. An occasion which best encapsulates this political axiom, and is arguably responsible for it’s popularization, is then Democratic Speaker of the House Thomas Tip O’Neill’s successful propagation of a $1 billion jobs bill through the House of Representatives despite staunch opposition from House Minority Leader Robert H. Michel. In a masterful display of political know-how, O’Neill tore into Michel, whose congressional district of Peoria, Illinois bore witness to the bill’s efficacy, as he read the names and street locations of the bridges in the aforesaid municipality that were below the state’s standards and eligible for repair under the proposed bill which Robert H. Michel, their
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