Analysis Of Three Cups Of Tea

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Three Cups of Tea by David Oliver Relin and Greg Mortenson tells a story that takes the reader along an adventure, up mountains, and across the world. Mortenson is a mountaineer that ends up in Korphe, Pakistan after he fails to climb K2. It is here where he sees poverty unlike anywhere he has yet to be. Mortenson, struck by shock, promises to come back to the small village and build a school in hopes of turning the place around. He ends up raising enough money to fulfil his promise, being promoted to the director of the Central Asia Institute which build schools across the country, and begins to focus more on girls education. Throughout the novel, the overall tone was direct and straightforward, and it is essentially journalistic due to the third person point of view and changing narration. Mortenson discovers a purpose from the result of being lost in a quest to fulfil his duty of director and the continuation of being a humanitarian in these developing countries which is one of the author’s purposes of writing this book. In Three Cups of Tea, there are many points in time when Mortenson thinks he has gone in the wrong direction, but ironically ends up right where he needs to be after all which ends up being the main theme of the book: making the best out of a bad situation.
The theme is one that many people should be able to relate to: anyone can turn a bad situation into a good one. For instance, when Mortenson could not reach the peak of K2, he is disappointed, however
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