Analysis Of ' Three Days '

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Three Days “You have exactly three days,” the scary Neptunian said. George Buckner turned off his 40” TV in shock. According to the news report, Neptunians, the people of Neptune, have launched a missile that is going to hit Earth in exactly 72 hours, or three days. If what the Neptunians say is true, then they launched the missile because they want to destroy the Earth. They say that this is because pollution from the Earth has reached their planet, and it is causing global warming on Neptune. George knows that once his grandfather sees this, he will give George another one of his rants, probably somewhat like this: “75 years ago, back in 2216, you could look up, and actually see blue sky, not grey clouds from pollution. Now all you…show more content…
Alex said that he was having a party soon, and he was wondering if George would like to come. Deep down, George knew that he had no chance at stopping the missile, so he might as well live it up for possibly the last three days of his life. George went over to Alex’s house and found out that almost everyone there was in the same boat as him. They saw the notice about 1 billion dollars and were really excited, but when they started to research it, they discovered they are completely hopeless at stopping the missile. Knowing that stopping the missile was extremely complicated for everyone, not just George, made him feel a bit better. It also made it a bit easier to enjoy the dancing and singing, which were especially crazy because everyone was pretty sure they only had 3 days to live. After the party, George saw another notice, this one saying the missile is going to hit in exactly 2 days, 2 hours and 2 minutes. Seeing this gave George a great idea. His friend David Lesner, whose nickname is 222, knows lots about technology. George decides to call him and see if they can meet, and talk about how to stop the missile. He calls 222 and 222 says that he would be glad to try and help George stop the missile. They decide to meet at 222’s house the next day after school. Within five minutes of talking/working, they get into an argument. 222 says that since he knows more
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