Analysis Of ' Tiara And Eva Marie ' By Catherine Opie

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This paper compares works of art by three different artists created at different periods throughout the 20th century. The first painting, created in 1906 by artist Mary Cassatt is titled “Young Mother Nursing Her Child”. The second is a photograph, titled “Self-Portrait/Nursing”, by Catherine Opie, taken in 2004. The third, titled “Tiara and Eva Marie”, was created in 2011 by Canadian artist Kate Hansen. Each of these artistic renderings celebrate the tender and intimate bond shared between a mother and child, through images of partially-dressed and fully nude mothers nursing, or holding their infant children in various maternal poses. This paper will also compare how each of these works of art depict as well as represent motherhood. As well as exploring how the sexualizing of female breasts has objectified and minimized their functionality, making images of nursing women a contentious social construct of modern day society and American culture, viewed by many as obscene or distasteful rather than a natural element of motherhood. “Young Mother Nursing Her Child” was painted during the Impressionism era. Impressionism was a revolutionary art movement that developed in France during the mid­19th century and sought to capture the feelings of everyday life, depicting the visual impression of a moment, rather than a precise illustration of something historical, classical, or biblical. Impressionism was characterized by a deviation from artistic traditions of the

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