Analysis Of ' Tickits ' By Paul Milenski

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The short fiction story “Tickits,” written by Paul Milenski is about Toby Heckler giving tickets to all those he finds doing wrong especially his mother. How can I help all those around me someone like Tobey can ask himself? I can shed light to the troubles one may cause others like a superheroes providing safety to the citizens around them. My cloak and armor is my sharp appearance with not even a smudge on my pearly white sneakers. There are many imperfections when it comes to people behavior in a sense to not caring about others. This story describes Toby as if he was a police officer handing out citations until the reason behind the citation was written. The tickets consist of a car parking in two parking spots being inconsiderate of others that may need to park and two elderly women standing in the middle of the sidewalk taking up the space of others that are walking on the sidewalk. Toby had also written a ticket for a man who was considering crossing the street when the sign read “DON’T WALK” (Milenski 155). The reason for the ticket was clearly that the man considers disregarding the sign and walking across the street. The ticket read “ALLMOST WALKD” (155). He did this while maintaining a polish appearance especially when it came to his shoes. He compared himself to patrolman McVee in appearance and even wipe the smudge of his shoe. Toby carries his job to be very important despite the way others looked or may treat him. The author Milenski demonstrated an

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