Analysis Of Tiffany Austin 's ' The Concert '

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On 29 January 2016. My friends and I went to a concert performed by Tiffany Austin. The concert was entitled Tiffany Austin’s Blues de Voyage hosted by Presidio Officer’s Club at San Francisco in partnership with the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music. As I attend the concert, I categorize myself as a casual listener to a well performed music. I didn’t have enough knowledge yet back then to analyze critically on the performance as it is my first time attending a house concert. It was an exciting experience and I enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere was good as everybody in the room also enjoyed the singing and music played by the performers. In the concert, the performers consist about 5 people, which are the pianist, Glen Pearson; the bassist, Ron Belcher; the drummer, Sly Randolph; the trombone player; and lastly the lead vocalist, Tiffany Austin. The concert session was a short as it compromised into two parts and a slight break. In each part, the band performed four to five songs. The songs performed in the concert are mainly from the legendary jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong, Hoagy Carmicheal, Johnny Cash and many others jazz performers mainly from the year 1929 to 1937. She also included one of her own song in her debut album, “Nothing but Soul” in the concert. Regarded as the fastest raising singer in Northern California with tradition-rooted yet modern style in her music, Tiffany continues to amazed people with her music as she sang various song that capture
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