Analysis Of Till We Have Faces

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The book, Till we Have Faces chronicles the life of Orual, who struggles with her relationship with the gods and with the people closest to her . . The reader is able to better understand her internal struggles as she is the narrator of the book. Because the story is written from Orual’s point of view the reader sees life through her eyes. They experience her biases and the way her emotions, perspectives, and prejudices warp her views on her life and ultimately the world, allowing them to understand her even better. . The reader is brought into Orual’s thought processes and emotions. When Orual reflects on herself, the reader is able to reflect with her and see where she might have been wrong in her thinking. Throughout reading, Till We Have Faces, I felt more and more able to personally relate to Orual. As the story unfolded, I realized that many of the similarities in our life and world views revolved around our selfishness and need for control. Orual is writing a book as her complaint against the gods and all the wrong that they have done to her. Through her narrative she demonstrates to the reader her erroneous thinking, which she realizes later in her life. . She sees her own face in the second section of the book when the veil in front of her spiritual face is removed and her true self is exposed. She realizes that she was not as righteous as she believed herself to be. The things that she thought were right had been wrong. She hurt a lot of people with
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