Analysis Of Tillie Olsen's ' I Stand Here Ironing '

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Comedy: Personality Traits or Effects of a Less than Ideal Childhood In Tillie Olsen’s “I Stand Here Ironing”, a mother recalls the life of her first born daughter. She retells the hardships she and her daughter had to go through to make it. The main focus, however, is on the hardships of the daughter, Emily. These hardships, lack of tender love, attention and over abundant strife in Emily’s life, lead to her being unnoticed and somewhat forgotten. In Emily’s late teenage years, comedy became a way for her to standout. As well, comedy could have been a way to cope with her less than ideal childhood. Psychology might be able to answer whether she used comedy to cope or was her gift of comedy a result of personality traits. Emily experienced many hardships in her early childhood. Emily spent a good portion of her day and even years in the presence of people who were not her mother. These people were harsh and did not appreciate Emily as her mother did (McMichael 1847). There were even times when Emily would come up with stories so that she would not have to go to nursery school where the children and students were mean (McMichael 1847). Some of these years were spent away from her mother. The clinic, that was advised for little Emily to attend, was one of these places spend away from home. The clinic where “‘They don’t like you to love anybody here’” (McMichael 1849). All of the places Emily was placed in so that her mother could make it, the sitters
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