Analysis Of Timothy Told's ' The Toad Court '

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Timothy sobbed uncontrollably until he almost passed out, and then the toad judge said “Wait... in light of your remorse and you’re throwing yourself upon the mercy of the court. I have reconsidered you sentencing.” Timothy looked at the toad judge with his blood-shot eyes. “I re-sentence you to walk through the tunnel of understanding.” said the toad judge banging his gable on the rock again. “W-what?” Timothy asked totally confused. “What 's the tunnel of understanding?” “It 's a tunnel that you’re going to have to walk through, and when you do, you 're going to find out just what it’s like to be one of us, a creature of the forest. You 're going to understand just how hard it is to be a defenseless creature.” the toad judge said. “That 's it,” Timothy asked beseechingly. “That 's it... and then I can go home?” “Yes, that 's it Timothy,” said the toad judge. “Just walk through the tunnel right over there and you can go home.” Timothy looked over to where the toad judge was pointing and he watched the trees and bushes bend and contort making a dark tunnel that lead deeper into the field. “O-okay... well goodbye then” Timothy said anxious to leave. He walked up to the entrance of the tunnel and looked around and back at all the woodland creatures that made up the court. He then looked down into the tunnel cautiously thinking that it may be a trap. He felt his stomach tighten and his bowels quake. He didn 't want to go into the

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