Analysis Of Timothy 's ' Letter Suffering

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Assignment – 2nd Timothy Essay
2nd Timothy is a letter written to Timothy. In Paul’s letter suffering is one of the themes communicated in this book. The focus of this essay will be in chapter 2. In 2nd Tim. 2, Paul urges Timothy into taking part in suffering for Jesus. Paul then explains the purpose and benefit of suffering using three metaphors. In the book of 2nd Timothy we see that although suffering for Jesus puts you in positions of shame, sharing in the burden of suffering is required for following Jesus (2:3-6; 3:12).
In 2nd Timothy 1, Paul begins his letter by introducing himself as an apostle for Jesus and dedicates his letter Timothy whom he calls his child. After his introduction, Paul moves into thankfulness in being able to serve the same God as his ancestors before him. Then he reflects on the faith that Timothy possesses because of the women in his life, which were his grandmother Louis and his mother Eunice (1:3-7). Next in 1:8, Paul Timothy not to be ashamed of the life Jesus and he live(d). Paul encourages Timothy to take part in suffering for the gospel. Last in 2nd Timothy 1:15-18, Paul reminds Timothy of his experience in Asia and how the people turned away from his teachings. He then testifies about Onesiphorus (a friend of Paul) and how he came to visit Paul and refresh him while he was in Prison. There, Onesiphorus was not ashamed where Paul was for the sake of sharing in the suffering of the gospel. 2nd Timothy…
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